Things You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask Your Mum About!

Tampons or pads? Discharge? Measuring your bra size? Have a burning question you’re too shy to ask an adult about? We’ve got your back!

Tampons or pads?

It’s completely up to you, so don’t be embarrassed about which one you prefer! It’s not true that almost everyone uses tampons, and if you’ve just started your period, you might want to stick to sanitary towels while you get used to it every month. Once you’re more comfortable and feel like you want to try out tampons you definitely can — but you don’t have to, especially if you’re happy using pads!

Don’t be afraid of your body!

Is my discharge normal?

Discharge is completely normal, and a sign that your body is healthy and is working as it should. Healthy discharge can be clear or white, sticky or slippery, with a thick or wet consistency, and can sometimes even be brown just before or after a period. If it becomes overly thick like cottage cheese, or greenish or yellowish, or particularly smelly, you might want to speak to your doctor as this might be a sign of a bacterial or thrush infection, according to the NHS website. It’s very likely nothing serious and can be cleared up quickly by a trip to the doctor.

TOP TIP! Speak to your friends — they’re probably thinking about the same things you are!

How do I work out my bra size?

  • To work out your cup size, wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage and take a note of how many inches it is.
  • Then, wrap it around your boobs and note how many inches that is.
  • After that, subtract your boob measurement from your ribcage measurement.
  • So, if your boobs are 30″ and your ribcage is 28″, you’re left with a difference of two inches.
  • Take your number and look at our handy table to work out what cup size you are.
  • For your band size, take your ribcage size and add four — that’s it!
  • So, if your ribcage measures 28″, then your band size is 32″.

There are lots of helpful resources on the internet, but lots of unhelpful ones too. If you’re really worried about something, chat to your doctor or — gulp — work up the courage and ask an adult you’re close to and trust. They’ve probably been through it themselves!

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