Shout Picks: Exclusive Interview With Diversity!

We spoke to Jordan and Ashley Banjo from Diversity about their new book, Fly High Crew!

Interview with Diversity

Where did the idea for your book come from?

Jordan: When I read it back now, I recognise so many similarities between our real lives and the characters. Being brothers for a start, the Fly High Crew being Diversity, the big points of the book like working as a team and relying on each other! It’s kind of like real-life just chuck in a few epic story lines.

Ashley: It came from mine and Jordan’s shared experience of school, our love of sci-fi and all things nerdy! Also, on a more serious note, we wanted the book to reflect what is happening in the world and how the world is changing.

What was the process like of writing a book together?

Jordan: It was awesome being able to put all our usual creative energy into a different thing entirely. Plus to work with Alexandra Sheppard, who is just a genius, really helped bring all our ideas to life and represent the characters in such a positive way.

What is your superpower?

Ashley: Definitely not timekeeping, that’s Jordan’s! I like to think mine is being able to
get the best out of people or… I found out in lockdown I can eat a whole tube of Jaffa Cakes in under 60 seconds.

What’s your favourite part about being in Diversity?

Jordan: I get to be with my best friends and family every day, do my dream job and experience awesome things. Best job ever. And that’s why I love this book, it’s like looking at Diversity 15 years ago (minus the aliens).

What advice would you give your 12-year-old self?

Jordan: To have more confidence in myself, not to always doubt myself and most of all… stop being naughty in school!

Ashley: The same advice I give myself even as an adult: work hard, play hard, do your absolute best to achieve the most and make sure you do all the things you enjoy as well.

TikTok Round…

Favourite TikTok dance?

Jordan: Pump Up the Jam (I have to say that, my best friend Perri made it up!)

Ashley: Definitely not Renegade! I’ve seen it too many times.

Dream person you’d want to make a TikTok with?

Jordan: Probably Jason Derulo, he does some crazy stuff on there!

Ashley: Zach King, his edits are unbelievable!

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