LOL! Lewis Capaldi’s top 10 funniest moments!

Here’s Team Shout‘s top 10 funniest Lewis Capaldi moments! He really is the funniest man in pop!

10. His huge glasses!

lewis capaldi funniest moments

This *iconic* pair of glasses he made when he hit 1.5 BILLION streams for Someone You Loved. We reckon you’ll be seeing these in Primark soon!

9. His amazing disguises!

lewis capaldi funniest moments

Sometimes the limelight can get too much, so he found this super effective disguise to stop the endless requests for selfies.

8. America’s Sweetheart

lewis capaldi funniest moments

Across the pond, Lewis claimed the hearts of millions, “officially” becoming America’s Sweetheart. Nothing but respect for OUR president.

7. Fabulous glasses… again!lewis capaldi funniest moments

Yup, more excellent sunnies.

6. See you later, hater

Image: Grant Pollard/Invision/AP/Shutterstock 

When Oasis singer, Noel Gallagher, started some beef with him on Twitter, Lewis responded by getting a t-shirt printed with his face in a love heart and wearing it at Glastonbury. Soz Noel, Lewis has no time for haters.

5. Bros for life!

Lewis and Niall’s old-filter snap was creepily realistic! We’re here for their bromance and can’t wait for their 2070 pensioner comeback tour!

4. Biebz-struck!

lewis capaldi funniest moments

Image: Matt Baron/Shutterstock 

When Lewis met Justin Bieber and looked like this. Is he happy? Star-struck? Confused? TBH Lewis, we’d be the same.

3. Red carpet diva!

Image: Polk/Rolling Stone/Shutterstock 

Every time he hits the red carpet. A true kween.

2. Toilet brush adventure!

lewis capaldi funniest moments

The greatest series of Insta stories of all time! Lewis documented his entire adventure through LA on his quest for… a toilet brush. When we watched this hilarious tale unfold, we knew we would be his biggest fans!

1. This picture!

lewis capaldi funniest moments

This photo. We’re just going to leave this here.

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