Shout Tips: 7 Reasons to Be Your Own Cheerleader!

be your own cheerleader

Sometimes you have to be your own biggest fan. Here’s Shout’s seven ways to be your own cheerleader!

Talk to yourself like a BFF

Would you tell your bestie her hair looked stupid, or get mad at her when she couldn’t do something? Of course not! So why speak to yourself like that? Next time the voice in your head is being critical, imagine it’s talking to someone you really care about instead. Then make it a habit!

Celebrate your successes!

It’s too easy to focus on things you feel you haven’t done well and forget about the small stuff you achieve every single day. And we don’t just mean acing that big test – little wins deserve attention too! Managed not to scream when your little brother ate the last bag of crisps again? GO, TEAM YOU!

be your own cheerleader

Own your sass!

Standing in front of a crowd and hyping everyone up before a big game means cheerleaders have to appear super-confident, even if they don’t feel it on the inside. Next time you feel a bit rubbish, put on your sassy pants and stand tall! Sometimes faking confidence is all it takes to grow the real stuff!

Have an important mantra!

Create your own cheer chant to repeat to yourself every day – stand in front of your mirror, look yourself in the eye and believe every word. A good one to start with is: I am strong, confident and capable of anything. I got this! 

Just dance!

When life feels overwhelming, sometimes being silly is exactly what you need. Forget complicated cheer routines – just stick on your favourite feel-good song and cut some goofy shapes. It’s impossible not to feel better afterwards!

be your own cheerleader

Be kind

As well as speaking to yourself with love, you have to show it in your actions too. Treat yourself with care and compassion – this could mean going easy on yourself when you’ve had a bad day (Netflix in bed, anyone?) or saying no to something or someone that just isn’t right for you.

Pick yourself up

Every cheerleader falls down once in a while – it’s how they pick themselves up that matters. So while it might be tempting to stay on the floor and cry and hope that everyone just carries on around you, it’s so much better to get up, style it out, and keep on dancing!

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