Harry Potter has teamed up with Barry M on a spellbinding new make-up collection ✨


Oh-My-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 has teamed up with Barry M and have launched a new and enchantingly pretty make-up collection ✨

Full of magical make-up bundles, charming eyeshadow palettes and bewitching brushes and utensils, we’ve totally fallen head over broomstick for everything in this new collection – no love potion necessary! Oh, and did we mention it was vegan friendly? No house elves were hurt in the making of these cosmetics!

Here’s some of our faves that’ll we’ll definitely be putting on our gift list to the Dark Lord this Christmas…HARRY POTTER X BARRY M MAKEUP COLLECTION DEATHLY HALLOWS BUNDLE

Deathly Hallows Beauty Bundle (£75)

This beauty bundle includes a Deathly Hallows brush set, eyeshadow palette, a black pencil and liquid eyeliner, black mascara, black lipstick and a Deathly Hallows nail set and nail polish. Time to embrace the dark side!

Harry Potter X Barry M Luna Lovegood set

Luna Lovegood Beauty Bundle (£65)

Get your quirk on with the Luna Lovegood beauty bundle! The bundle includes two holographic eyeshadow toppers, two colour changing lipsticks, two sparkly lipglosses, two nail paints, a nail file set and a cute compact mirror. We’re feeling more whimsical already!

Harry Potter Barry M Gryffindor make-up

Gryffindor House Beauty Bundle (£32)

Harry Potter Barry M Hufflepuff make-up

Hufflepuff House Beauty Bundle (£32)

Ravenclaw House Beauty Bundle (£32)

Harry Potter Barry M Slytherin make-upSlytherin House Beauty Bundle (£32)

Every Hogwarts House has a themed beauty bundle which includes an eyeshadow palette, a compact mirror, a nail file set and a nail paint. Which Hogwarts house did the Sorting House place you in?

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