Nina Nesbitt Calling!


Your new song called ‘Somebody Special’ we were just wondering if there are any special talents you have that we don’t know about already?

Oh I can pick things up with my feet. I use my feet as a second pair of hands. A lot of people find that pretty special — it’s laziness really.


So you’re cooking dinner for yourself what’s your speciality?

Carrot soup, carrot and coriander soup.


For your birthday who would your three special guests be to your party?

My dog, my boyfriend and one of my best friends. I don’t want to pick one cos they might get annoyed!


Which cosmetic item or beauty product makes your everyday look special?

I’m gonna go with the NARS highlighting kit – I use it every day. Even if I’ve not got make-up on I put a little bit on my cheeks and it just makes everything better. Then I use a Revlon mascara as well which makes my eye colour a little bit more… I don’t know exactly what one but one of those two.


Which artist do you think you take influence from?

I just think any female that’s been in the industry for a while. I love Alanis Morissette, I love Debbie Harry, I love Stevie Nicks but I also love more modern pop artists as well. Musically, anything, it could be any genre, I just pick bits I like out of it.


Have you ever been star struck? When was that and by whom?

I once went to a Blondie Q&A and

they were like “has anyone got a question?” and I was like “me!” because I just wanted to speak to Debbie Harry! I didn’t have a question I just wanted to have a chat and then I was like oh my god I have not thought of a question – so embarrassing! I was like quite star struck. She is an icon though.


So who are you loving in the charts right now?

Let me have a look – I haven’t actually checked the charts in a while! My internet’s not working! I’ll just go with Camila Cabello; I like that album.


Who would you say is your style icon?

Anyone from the nineties. I love nineties fashion. I follow an Instagram account called ‘Nineties Anxiety’ and it’s like the best style account ever – so good!


What advice would you give to your young teenage self?

Don’t try and grow up too fast, maybe. I started my career at a really young age and I thought I knew everything and then discovered that I didn’t. I think just don’t rush things and once you’re ready to do something do it because somethings you only get one shot. Whatever you want to do just make sure that you feel that you’re ready for it. Just have fun being young, I guess.


Did you ever want to be anything other than a singer/songwriter when you were younger?

I always liked singing but I never thought I’d be a singer. I always wanted to do it but never thought it would be an option. I’m quite a shy person and never really enjoyed performing until I done it a few times. I used to be interested in being a criminologist, something like that, or like forensic science but I’m not really good at science so I don’t think that would have been an option but that sort of field of work.


Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to be a singer in the future?

I think make sure you find your unique thing because now that Spotify’s a thing and the internet there are so many people putting music out and it’s easy to get lost in it all. It’s so hard to break through these days, harder than ever, make sure you feel that you’re the best you can be. Also be yourself, have something unique about you so that you stand out in thousands of people.


So do you still get nervous before performing? Do you have any tips to stay confident if you’re on stage performing?

I think just the more you do it the easier it becomes. The first 2 gigs I didn’t even look at anyone, just looked at the floor with my eyes closed. Yeah just get yourself out your comfort zone and try and play some bigger gigs. The first night of touring I’m still nervous and then by the third night I’m like ‘oh, I can do this every night!’ So yeah I just think practice really.


Do you have a personal motto or mantra that keeps you positive and confident? If so, what is that?

My album name, which I’ve not announced, is actually kind of a mantra… so look out for it!


Do you have any hopes for the future or the rest of the year? What are your plans/ambitions/goals?

Get the album out, I’m touring in Bangkok for 2 months which I’ve always wanted to do so I’m really excited for that. Then the festivals which will be good and yeah, just seeing where it takes me. I’m excited to travel to new places mostly.


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