We caught up with Rachel Leary about all things beauty at her Superdrug meet & greet, in collaboration with KISS imPRESS Nails for our new issue OUT NOW! Rachel is a HUGE beauty vlogger and an ambassador for KISS imPRESS Nails. You can find their whole range here — nails on fleek! Find the full interview and everything you want to know about Rachel below!?

Do you remember the first time you used make-up? 

I can’t remember the exact first time, but I remember the only make-up that I would use would be the free samples that you get in magazines. I remember me and my sister would get a magazine each week and I would always go for the one with the free make-up sample.

What sparked your interest and passion for make-up?

I think it was just seeing the transformation and how good it can make you feel — literally going from 0 to 100 just from wearing a bit of mascara or something. I just love the way that it made me feel — the power of make-up!

What one make-up item have you been using the longest that you always go back to? 

I think it would have to be a lip-balm, that was probably one of the first make-up items that I ever bought. I’ll put a matte lip on and think there’s something missing and then I’ll apply lip-balm and that’ll be it!

If you could only use three beauty products for a month — what would they be? 

Oh, three… I think just the basics would have to be foundation, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

Best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever been given? 

I think it’s just that make-up is not permanent, you can take it off. So you should use it to be creative and to experiment but it’s not 100% serious — don’t take it serious all the time.

What’s your go-to nail look? 

I like something quite short and sophisticated —  in terms of colour and stuff I’m totally free to experiment but I love an accent nail and I love a bit of glitter. So, the imPRESS ones I’ve got the Power Up one at the moment, and it’s like a dark colour with a sparkly accent nail and that’s just a go-to for me I think. Short, sophisticated and classy at the same time.

What one piece of advice about self-confidence would you offer to young girls? 

I think it’s just learning to love yourself — knowing that you are you, you’re one of a kind so don’t bother trying to be anyone else. Make the most of who you are and what you’ve got.

What are you most excited about your meet-up with Superdrug and imPRESS nails? 

I think mainly it’s hopefully meeting my followers. It’s so nice to put a face to a name, and I can’t wait to show people how easy imPRESS nails are to use and yeah, just have a fun day and have fun with everyone!

What advice would you give to readers who want to start vlogging? 

Just be yourself from your beginning, because that way you’ll stay motivated to create more content and people will love you for who you are straight away. If you go in with like a different persona it’s quite hard to keep up so, just always be yourself!

What made you want to take your beauty skills to the YouTube world? 

I used to do photography in school and lot of that involved video-making and I kind of discovered a love for doing that, and I obviously love make-up as well so I just put two and two together and thought why not make a video about doing make-up!

Quick fire round! 

What one song can you not help dancing to when it comes on the radio? 

Probably that Bruno Mars song, “That’s What I Like!”

Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat? 

I think it has to be Instagram.

Number one style icon?

I actually think my style icons are my influence of friends that I follow on Instagram, I always just take inspiration from their posts on a daily basis. I think it would have to be them.

What emoji do you use too much? 

No-one ever uses this! But I use the green tick, all of the time, I don’t know why! If anyone ever says anything that is like a “yep!” response, I just send them the green tick.

Eyebrows or eyeliner? 

Eyebrows, definitely.

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