JASPAR Interview!

Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA!


We caught up with our faves to find out about their new movie!



Having finished filming, if you had a chance to rename the movie now – what would you call it?

Joe & Caspar’s Excellent Adventures… Nah, I think Hit The Road USA describes it best!

What was your favourite scene to film?

The food eating challenges – I knew I would never be able to compete with Caspar, so I was able to enjoy the food, rather than having to eat it quickly!

Tell us the most uncool thing about you…

Caspar thinks I represent the old lady emoji! e519

How often did you get recognised in the street during filming?

Not as often as you’d think! We wore a lot of costumes in the film so we’re barely recognisable in some scenes!


Would you rather have a tail that constantly whips you in the face while you talk or a foot that’s constantly trying to run away from you?

A foot that constantly tries to run away from me! That would be out of camera shot, so I could still do my YouTube channel!



What’s the best and worst thing about being on tour?

The best thing is that you get to see so many different places… the worst thing is the late night travel after each show.

Did you prank each other/anyone else on set?

Joe pranked me in a haunted house – I was so scared. If you come to the show you get to see that clip exclusively!

Tell us your biggest pet peave…

Not that much annoys me – although Joe waking me up to prank me isn’t that great!

Where was your favourite place to visit and what did you do?

All the venues were so awesome! Joe and I were wondering who the loudest crowd were but I don’t think we could call it – everyone was as loud as each other!

Would you rather have arms the length of your body or earlobes the length of your arms?

I already have quite long arms, so probably that one – as it wouldn’t make much difference!


Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA is out on DVD on November 21. 

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