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On sale Wed 15Aug

It's official - we heart Stooshe! We've picked our new fave girlband to be our hottest cover stars yet and we even caught up with the girls (in the back of a taxi - eek) for an exclusive interview on the road! You won't believe what these girls had to say about Simon Cowell, The Spice Girls and their eclectic style! So, what are you waiting for? Buy the latest issue of Shout - out NOW!

  • Battle Of The Boybands! The Wanted. 1D. There can be only one winner! Who do you think will win?!
  • Competition overload! Win! A Paul's Boutique bag + goodies! Win! A year's Shout subscription for you and a friend! Win! Fashion work experience at Internacionale! Win! The chance to be a TV presenter! Win! Over £2000 worth of goodies!
  • Global Glam! Go on a chic and stylish world tour with Shout takes you around the world in 80 cosmetics!

PLUS, we're giving away an amazing BYS Nail Art Kit - which includes 100 Gems, 48 Wraps and a full-size Hot Pink Polish - everything a true nail art aficionado could ever want and desire!

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  1. ilovemonkeys
    ilovemonkeys13 September at 10:13PM

    i ♥ the wanted

  2. ilovemonkeys
    ilovemonkeys10 September at 9:03PM

    sorry shout i disagree THE WANTED ARE THE KING OF BOYBANDS!!!! (not 1D although they are still good) i ♥ the wanted xxxx

  3. Elsa101112
    Elsa10111206 September at 5:09PM

    how do you know that you have won any of the competions do they text you or something?? please help!! btw i have this mag and it is FAB!

  4. bethstar1
    bethstar104 September at 9:25PM

    I have this mag love it how else loves it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol xxxxxxxxxx

  5. greeneyedlizzie
    greeneyedlizzie04 September at 2:22PM

    I did get lipgloss instead of hot pink nail polish :( and I never got my magnetic nail polish set :( still luv the mag though!

  6. greeneyedlizzie
    greeneyedlizzie04 September at 2:21PM

    I <3 shoutmag sooooooo much!!xxxx

  7. Hot Little CHICK <3
    Hot Little CHICK <303 September at 5:55PM

    shoutmag is...... TOTES AMAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. NiaMaBob
    NiaMaBob03 September at 11:37AM

    I love shoutmag but the gifts are always wrong. I got lipgloss instead of nail polish and once i had a makeup set instead of magnetic nail polish!

  9. smelly cat
    smelly cat03 September at 10:22AM

    I <3 shout it's my fav mag nothing else compares to it, I love the amazing goss and fashion & beauty pages xxxx best magazine ever xxxxx

  10. fashion matters 11
    fashion matters 1103 September at 9:56AM

    i want it so much but i can not get it cos i live in cyprus

  11. abby1111
    abby111103 September at 9:48AM

    shout is amazing

  12. cinderella1234
    cinderella123402 September at 10:03PM

    i love this issue!!!

  13. amy_louise
    amy_louise02 September at 7:53PM

    i love shout but £3:99 is quite alot for me, prices PLEASE go down and plus i didnt get a nail polish in this issue of the mag- i only got the nail wraps and jems, really disapointed!!!!

  14. OneDirectionArePerfection
    OneDirectionArePerfection02 September at 3:45PM

    I love Shout mag but since the prices have gone up I can't buy it all the time :( PLEASE PLEASE PUT THE PRICES BACK DOWN! x

  15. Jessig
    Jessig02 September at 1:34PM

    Still can't find this issue anywhere!!

  16. lucy11
    lucy1102 September at 1:02PM

    love it so much xoxo

  17. I <3 coke + Biebs
    I <3 coke + Biebs01 September at 7:58PM


  18. I <3 coke + Biebs
    I <3 coke + Biebs01 September at 2:11PM


  19. emziele
    emziele01 September at 1:11PM

    ive had loads of good luck when it comes to winning shout mag competitions direction book and clothes show live tickets

  20. rosielolzxx
    rosielolzxx31 August at 6:33PM

    shout rocks it's like the best mag ever!!!! xxx love you shout!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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