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On sale Wed 12Oct

SCREAM! A new issue of your favourite mag has hit the shelves, just in time to brighten up the dark autumn nights!
We hadn't even heard of Jessie J a year ago - and now she's gracing our cover for the second time! We take a trip through her rollercoaster career so far - and show you how to steal her style, as well as her confidence!

  • The Fashion Show Front Row - who knew that where you sit is as important as what you wear? We meet the who's who of the Fashion Week crowd... PLUS! Checks! Boots! Country Chic! We've got your new season shopping sorted!
  • WIN! This might be our best giveaway EVER - we've got a white iPad 2 worth £400 for one lucky reader!
  • Ever wondered what it's really like to be Shout's Fashion Editor? Well, wonder no more! We spent a day hanging out at Shout Fashion HQ to find out what our very own Jenna really gets up to... and it turns out she's mates with Gok Wan and EVERYTHING!
  • AMAZING MODEL COMPETITION! We're on the search for our Face Of Shout 2012 - and it could be you! Don't miss your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a Shout cover girl!

All this AND your free Catwalk Collection Glamour Eyes Kit:

- False Lashes
- Mascara
- Eye Pencil
- Shimmer Dust
- Gems

Go buy! It's only £2.50, you know!

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  1. thehedgehog
    thehedgehog15 October at 7:06PM

    omg its amazing xxx just got it luv shout

  2. ladygoogoo100
    ladygoogoo10015 October at 6:33PM

    Jessie J looks to die for on the cover!

  3. Alii_Gall
    Alii_Gall15 October at 6:21PM

    How old do you have to be to enter the model comp???

  4. frankie baby L.O.V.E's Shoutmag!
    frankie baby L.O.V.E's Shoutmag!15 October at 3:06PM

    i've entered the modeling compition hope i get chosen looks sooooooooo good! <3

  5. nicola1234
    nicola123415 October at 11:49AM

    love shout!!

  6. nicola1234
    nicola123415 October at 11:48AM

    i absolutely looooovvvvveeee shout amazi think jessies purple wig is soo coool

  7. tay-z
    tay-z14 October at 7:54PM

    luv this mag

  8. locyluvsjessiex
    locyluvsjessiex14 October at 6:17PM

    aarrgh! jessie j(: i love this kid <3

  9. love!!
    love!!14 October at 8:35AM

    LOL Jessie J is AWESOME!!!

  10. lilmissditzy
    lilmissditzy13 October at 6:50PM

    love dis mag! gonna sign up 2 modelling comp!!!

  11. ElzBelz
    ElzBelz13 October at 6:36PM

    i loveshout and i really liked this issue x

  12. Ditsie <3
    Ditsie <312 October at 8:55PM

    I get every single issue as soon as they come out! I literally can't get enough of shout!!! xx

  13. diva123
    diva12312 October at 2:43PM

    I really enjoyed this weeks mag, I was really happy with the eyeliner coz i just ran out. Cant wait for next issue

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