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On sale Wed 12Oct

SCREAM! A new issue of your favourite mag has hit the shelves, just in time to brighten up the dark autumn nights!
We hadn't even heard of Jessie J a year ago - and now she's gracing our cover for the second time! We take a trip through her rollercoaster career so far - and show you how to steal her style, as well as her confidence!

  • The Fashion Show Front Row - who knew that where you sit is as important as what you wear? We meet the who's who of the Fashion Week crowd... PLUS! Checks! Boots! Country Chic! We've got your new season shopping sorted!
  • WIN! This might be our best giveaway EVER - we've got a white iPad 2 worth £400 for one lucky reader!
  • Ever wondered what it's really like to be Shout's Fashion Editor? Well, wonder no more! We spent a day hanging out at Shout Fashion HQ to find out what our very own Jenna really gets up to... and it turns out she's mates with Gok Wan and EVERYTHING!
  • AMAZING MODEL COMPETITION! We're on the search for our Face Of Shout 2012 - and it could be you! Don't miss your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a Shout cover girl!

All this AND your free Catwalk Collection Glamour Eyes Kit:

- False Lashes
- Mascara
- Eye Pencil
- Shimmer Dust
- Gems

Go buy! It's only £2.50, you know!

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  1. ellie.mae
    ellie.mae24 October at 1:26PM

    Im gunna go get it now

    Ella xxxx :)

  2. Tashaaxconnorx
    Tashaaxconnorx23 October at 11:05PM

    the false eyelashes hardly stick they keep sliding off everytime you blink

  3. nadabs
    nadabs23 October at 9:24PM

    I LOVE shout magazine. It's soooo awesome!!!! xxx

  4. shemxii_sparkles456
    shemxii_sparkles45623 October at 7:58PM

    bought it wore it rocked it loved it took it off got admired for like ages :) thank you shout !!!! <3 <3

  5. MaddyErin
    MaddyErin23 October at 7:47PM

    it4764 it int that hard to put them on?! u tube it :L and also how do u enter that model comp via internet? x

  6. xx-erin-xx
    xx-erin-xx23 October at 7:39PM

    i wnat to enter the modeling comp but im worried that i wont get in cause there is a lot of pretty girls in the world and im not one of them :( xxx

  7. diva123
    diva12323 October at 3:15PM

    I agree, although I L-O-V-E shout mag I with they would do a page on the gift and how to use it. This weeks issue was amazing!!!!!

  8. twilightgalore
    twilightgalore23 October at 10:07AM

    loving the mag!

  9. LilJ6
    LilJ623 October at 10:03AM

    How do i enter the competition?(:

  10. mollyyyy
    mollyyyy22 October at 8:23PM

    Where do you go to enter the competition online?

  11. leanne babiie
    leanne babiie22 October at 7:50PM

    i tryed sending an email to the lipsy bag competition email address but every time i tryed it wuldnt send i double checked i typed the email address was right and it was but it isnt send why ?? i really wanna try and win the lipsy bag Xxxxx

  12. smartlittleapple
    smartlittleapple21 October at 8:35PM

    I wore my mascara and gems to the end of end of term halloween party and everybody was comennting on it!

  13. it4764
    it476420 October at 10:13AM

    loved the mag, but it could have told you how to use the false eyelashes

  14. lolasweeteet
    lolasweeteet19 October at 6:51PM

    I'm going to enter the compitition! Where do we go to enter online?

  15. redcindie
    redcindie19 October at 1:03PM

    i bought like now nd im in luv i only ha 3 though :(

  16. Tila
    Tila18 October at 5:20PM

    I ♥ shout Mag, it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I'm getting the latest one soon! Tila x

  17. looloo
    looloo18 October at 4:02PM

    I L...O....V...E...D.. SHOUT this week best mag eva

  18. pixielott123
    pixielott12317 October at 8:53PM

    loveee jessie j ! <3

  19. lalatinachicka
    lalatinachicka16 October at 2:08PM

    hey, for last shout mag, i signed up for comp the change to win some make up and hair products ?? but erm, i dont no if winned ? does anyone no bout it ?

  20. lalatinachicka
    lalatinachicka16 October at 1:59PM

    omdz i love shout im always keeping up with the lastest shout mag :) and defo gna sign up for modeling comp! its literally my dream being a model :)

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