All stories in Problems

  1. They're Too Clingy!

    Her old mates are annoying her... what should she do?

  2. They're Still Bullying Me...

    She's having some trouble with bullies... What should she do?

  3. I Still Like Him!

    This reader has a fatal attraction...

  4. She Keeps Ditching Me!

    This reader's mate has not been acting like a good friend at all...

  5. I Miss My Family!

    This reader has family members who she's never met!

  6. I Can't Face School...

    This teen needs your help with her school and family issues...

  7. How To Be An Agony Aunt: Laura's Advice!

    Ever wanted to become an agony aunt? Or maybe you just want to be able to help your friends and be a good listener? Our very own Laura is here with some must-read advice!

  8. Should I Ditch My Mate?

    What should this reader do about her lonely friend?

  9. Am I Being Stupid?

    This reader is worried about her boyf falling in love with someone else... what should she do?

  10. He Knows I Like Him!

    This reader is having some boy trouble...

  11. I Feel Left Out...

    This reader is fed up of standing out from the crowd...

  12. Bully Boy!

    A reader's best boy mate is bullying her and her boyf...

  13. Style Steal!

    What would you do if a friend stole your style?

  14. They Like Each Other!

    Her best mate and her crush are getting close... What should she do?

  15. She’s So Jealous!

    How should this reader deal with her jealous friend?

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