All stories in Problems

  1. Dad Doesn't Want Me!

    This reader feels unwanted... can you help?

  2. He's So Cute!

    This reader is unsure what to do about this cute lad!

  3. She's Boy Obsessed!

    What should this reader do about her boy-crazy mate?

  4. I Look Too Young!

    All this reader wants is to look more grown-up...

  5. I'm Too Tall!

    This reader has been teased for her height - what should she do?

  6. Does She Still Like Me?

    This reader is having a serious mate dilemma...

  7. I Want To Help Her!

    This reader is desperate to help her friend...

  8. We've Grown Apart!

    Should this reader split with her boyf?

  9. Should I Make A Move?

    He likes her... He likes her not... What should she do?

  10. Scared To Be Me!

    This reader feels like she can't be herself...

  11. She Won't Stop…

    This reader has been getting bullied for months... what should she do?

  12. They Said I’m Ugly!

    Help this reader with her bullying bother...

  13. Self-Harm Worry!

    This reader tells Shout about a worrying trend...

  14. Should I Trust Him?

    What should this reader do about her online friend?

  15. She’s Dating A Heartbreaker!

    Her friend is dating a lad with a rep? What should she do?