The Mother Of All Cringes!

"I hadn't been allowed boys in my room before, but I managed to persuade my dad to let me have my boyfriend over one evening. I was so excited when he arrived! We headed up to my bedroom, and we talked for about an hour about loads of different things - it was going great!

"Suddenly my mum burst into my room, threw a box of tampons on my lap and walked out again! She must have bought them for me when she was at the supermarket!

"I was mortified, but my boyf just laughed! We sat in silence for ages after that! He told all his friends at school, too, and they posted it on Facebook!

"I can't wait till everyone forgets about it!"

Jess, Cornwall

Cringe Rating: 2

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  1. hotchikhot
    hotchikhot26 April at 5:44PM

    omg how funny r u bbz

  2. ela430
    ela43026 April at 4:02PM

    Yikess........I'd dump him and then find something embar did and post it on facebook

  3. Kapolar
    Kapolar24 April at 8:18PM

    oooh unlucky. x

  4. bootifulgurl
    bootifulgurl24 April at 12:06PM

    wow CRINGEY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. BaybiieeCakes' #
    BaybiieeCakes' #20 April at 10:58AM

    Omg' thats soo bad! And ooh i would get quite angry if someone said that on facebook!!

  6. honeybee
    honeybee19 April at 10:30AM

    I would be balistic if my mum did that.I would of dumped him id he put it on facebook.

  7. Bieber.Is.My.World!
    Bieber.Is.My.World!18 April at 7:54PM

    Awh bless you! i would never be allowed a boy in the house at all..let alone my bedroom! but anyway, poor you! i feel for you because that is surely one of the most of embarrassing thing ever!

  8. mrsbanjo
    mrsbanjo17 April at 4:05PM

    well, atleast your boyfriend knows your past puberty! and not still a child!

  9. lollipop x
    lollipop x16 April at 8:32PM

    poor you, mega cringe!!!!

  10. niz105
    niz10516 April at 7:20PM

    Poor u!!!

    I would go Mental!!

  11. Lydia:)xxx
    Lydia:)xxx16 April at 6:55PM

    i dont think she would have done that...:L

  12. Isabella'SHOUT'
    Isabella'SHOUT'13 April at 5:50PM

    aww poor u i would get soo angrey at my mum for doing that lool :D

  13. spicebaby
    spicebaby12 April at 5:18PM

    your mum wouldnt do that:S she'd just wait till he'd gone..:L

  14. emily_the_geek
    emily_the_geek11 April at 3:11PM

    Poor you! you think that maybe your mum just wanted to check on you and that she thought this was the only way to do to her and tell her how you feel! x

  15. ScarletAngel802
    ScarletAngel80207 April at 6:43PM


  16. addicted2ponies
    addicted2ponies06 April at 9:06AM

    shame i feel so sorry for her!!! lol, keep smiling

  17. lorangexx
    lorangexx31 March at 6:06PM

    OMG how embarrassing ;-)

  18. Tillzcoopz
    Tillzcoopz29 March at 7:24PM

    Oohhh Dear :/

    I would hate that.

  19. Libbysunshine
    Libbysunshine27 March at 7:47PM

    I would never speak 2 my mum after, i would make her pay for what she did. It would be worse for u as it was the first boy in your room and it waas your boyf. If i were u i would dump him if he told all his friends hes not trustworthy. Plz bear in mind that is just what i think. Hey angleface880 good idea. I send you a gun too! I feel so sorry for u.

  20. *lolmaster*
    *lolmaster*26 March at 1:33PM


    she really did that my god i would have just said to him that they were my sisters or hers and she wanted me to put them away but still BIG CRINGE 0_0