The Mother Of All Cringes!

"I hadn't been allowed boys in my room before, but I managed to persuade my dad to let me have my boyfriend over one evening. I was so excited when he arrived! We headed up to my bedroom, and we talked for about an hour about loads of different things - it was going great!

"Suddenly my mum burst into my room, threw a box of tampons on my lap and walked out again! She must have bought them for me when she was at the supermarket!

"I was mortified, but my boyf just laughed! We sat in silence for ages after that! He told all his friends at school, too, and they posted it on Facebook!

"I can't wait till everyone forgets about it!"

Jess, Cornwall

Cringe Rating: 2

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  1. DJmegzta
    DJmegzta07 July at 4:09PM


  2. miss.shoutxxx
    miss.shoutxxx06 July at 5:24PM

    Its just natural dont boys get that x

  3. 09cbutcher
    09cbutcher05 July at 2:17PM

    Lol! My mum wont let any guy in the house, let alone bedroom!

    OHMYGOD! I dont know what i'd do if that happened to me!

  4. coolmikaela12
    coolmikaela1203 July at 8:32PM

    poor you just forget about it and it will go away!!!!!

  5. livvylala
    livvylala01 July at 7:31PM

    lol. I think I would die xxx

  6. AlixBali
    AlixBali01 July at 3:57PM

    i would hate my mum if she ever did that t me!o

  7. Swift12
    Swift1225 June at 9:59PM

    I have to admit that is really embarrsing but i guess all you have to do is laugh and make it look like you dont care x

  8. thewantedfan#1
    thewantedfan#124 June at 7:49PM


  9. Marmory
    Marmory22 June at 9:44PM

    hahaha don't worry time willmake them forget =)

  10. niamh123
    niamh12318 June at 8:02PM


  11. Racheal6123
    Racheal612315 June at 10:41AM

    Babe dont worry its fine just use protection next time

  12. shammer
    shammer12 June at 9:20PM


  13. XGrayxGrayX
    XGrayxGrayX12 June at 5:03PM

    omg did your boyf talk to you after tht lol

  14. LoveYhoo!!
    LoveYhoo!!08 June at 8:38AM

    LOL daisybabe it is so truee x

  15. daisybabe
    daisybabe05 June at 3:38PM

    omg!! babe they never will. boys dont get the female species!!!!! lol:D

  16. megmill
    megmill03 June at 3:02PM

    so glad i know no my mam is a bit normal :P

  17. Gemma xxx
    Gemma xxx28 May at 9:18PM

    What a shame. If that happens again just laugh about it and hopefully he will laugh too. Then things won't be as awkward xx

  18. shoutmaguk
    shoutmaguk28 May at 4:39PM

    OMG! Embarassing or what?

  19. SophieluvsJB
    SophieluvsJB28 May at 4:19PM

    Lol i feel 4 u

  20. kaitlinmctaggart1998
    kaitlinmctaggart199827 May at 3:12AM

    That must of been terribly embarrassing especially having a boy in your room at the time it would of been totally different if it was a girl in your room with you