The Mother Of All Cringes!

"I hadn't been allowed boys in my room before, but I managed to persuade my dad to let me have my boyfriend over one evening. I was so excited when he arrived! We headed up to my bedroom, and we talked for about an hour about loads of different things - it was going great!

"Suddenly my mum burst into my room, threw a box of tampons on my lap and walked out again! She must have bought them for me when she was at the supermarket!

"I was mortified, but my boyf just laughed! We sat in silence for ages after that! He told all his friends at school, too, and they posted it on Facebook!

"I can't wait till everyone forgets about it!"

Jess, Cornwall

Cringe Rating: 2

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  1. Georgeexxx
    Georgeexxx11 August at 12:17AM

    i feel sooooo sorry 4 u!! r u still goin out?? xx

  2. Georgeexxx
    Georgeexxx11 August at 12:17AM

    i feel sooooo sorry 4 u!! r u still goin out?? xx

  3. xxbethbethxx
    xxbethbethxx07 August at 5:42PM

    OOOMMMGGG!! r u still going outt? :)

  4. AvRiLfAn
    AvRiLfAn06 August at 4:08PM


  5. laniez
    laniez05 August at 3:52PM

    omg, i would hate that !!!!

  6. CreamLily999
    CreamLily99904 August at 10:23PM


  7. FallenAngel121998
    FallenAngel12199802 August at 6:45PM

    OMG so embarasing

  8. TaylorSwiftFan
    TaylorSwiftFan02 August at 5:35PM

    doesent seem like much a bf to me if he tol all his mates, hope they all forget soon x

  9. zombieqween
    zombieqween25 July at 9:15PM

    poor u that is all i can say

  10. beccahdays
    beccahdays25 July at 9:05PM

    omg what a nightmare glad that was not me

  11. GorjessX
    GorjessX20 July at 7:39PM

    I would go bright red!! lucky i wasnt in that situation! x

  12. astonsgirl707
    astonsgirl70717 July at 12:26PM

    :O i would die of shame!

  13. thewantedfan#1
    thewantedfan#115 July at 7:43PM


  14. love!!
    love!!15 July at 8:40AM


  15. MiSsLollipop
    MiSsLollipop14 July at 8:02AM

    how cringey lol porr u i feel for u

  16. zapperz
    zapperz10 July at 6:40PM

    omg thats a big shocking isnt it do u still go out with the same boy

  17. peaceluver118
    peaceluver11808 July at 8:50PM


  18. funkeygal
    funkeygal08 July at 5:49PM

    i wouldnt be his boyfriend still

  19. catsmilerose
    catsmilerose07 July at 6:20PM

    OHMYGOD thats so freaking embarassing!

  20. Emma12345
    Emma1234507 July at 4:39PM

    Unlucky. I can't imagine that happening to me. But its their revenge. You spend the first 6 years of your life tantruming in public and they spend the next 10 years ruining your life by getting you back.