The Mother Of All Cringes!

"I hadn't been allowed boys in my room before, but I managed to persuade my dad to let me have my boyfriend over one evening. I was so excited when he arrived! We headed up to my bedroom, and we talked for about an hour about loads of different things - it was going great!

"Suddenly my mum burst into my room, threw a box of tampons on my lap and walked out again! She must have bought them for me when she was at the supermarket!

"I was mortified, but my boyf just laughed! We sat in silence for ages after that! He told all his friends at school, too, and they posted it on Facebook!

"I can't wait till everyone forgets about it!"

Jess, Cornwall

Cringe Rating: 2

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  1. rauxa001.317
    rauxa001.31708 March at 7:01PM


  2. LaceyMarieDaisy
    LaceyMarieDaisy25 February at 4:00PM

    Thats not the best cring ever but it's alright.

  3. No.1JessieJFan
    No.1JessieJFan19 February at 11:08AM

    U poor thing! If my mum did that to me, id DIE!

  4. meg13
    meg1317 February at 6:18PM

    Eeeek! So embarrasing, hope your'e ok! xx

  5. PaigeBabeXXX
    PaigeBabeXXX11 February at 9:40PM

    I am so sory 4 u i have no words all i can say is just forget and say wot wot are u talking about that has never happend in my life before and then they will forget and so will u if u say this then good look u go girl :)x

  6. starkat97
    starkat9711 February at 9:39PM

    well u certainly handled that one well if it were me i would hide in my room for days! i hope ur still together


  7. missgeorgie992
    missgeorgie99204 February at 11:55AM

    eek omg

    hope they do foget hunny r u still with him

  8. nin
    nin31 January at 7:33PM

    EMBARRASING u poor thing

    thts kinda cringy

  9. Purplesneezyzebra
    Purplesneezyzebra24 January at 8:21PM

    Omg.. sooo embarresing!!

  10. divaeva1
    divaeva123 January at 4:19PM

    dont worry everyone will forget about it soon just remember to laugh about it! even though it is abit cringey!!

  11. Sophie_Short
    Sophie_Short22 January at 3:25PM

    that is a mega cringe!!

  12. Julia Xx
    Julia Xx16 January at 6:17PM

    OMG bless you, i hope they forget it right away ! x

  13. twihardfan
    twihardfan08 January at 3:03PM

    Ugh, cringe!

  14. PixieSydney
    PixieSydney04 January at 5:32PM

    Oh my god i would hate it if that happened to me

  15. cute sweet :) <3 xxx
    cute sweet :) <3 xxx02 January at 4:54PM

    i cant belive that his friends posted it on facebook, that is so so so so so so so embarassing i feel totally sorry for you :) <3 xxx

  16. sofia-b
    sofia-b31 December at 7:01PM

    wow ur parents let ur boyfriend in ur room ... but still u should dump him if he embrassed u like that

  17. lilymorrow123
    lilymorrow12327 December at 7:19PM

    sum boyfriend if he was myn id dump him straght away

  18. jessyca123
    jessyca12324 December at 8:35PM

    lol least it didint go worldwide

  19. nin
    nin23 December at 5:11PM

    lol, i wodent worry!!!

    but, what a cringe!

  20. Amy22
    Amy2223 December at 2:41PM

    That was mean of yor bf to tell people...