The Mother Of All Cringes!

"I hadn't been allowed boys in my room before, but I managed to persuade my dad to let me have my boyfriend over one evening. I was so excited when he arrived! We headed up to my bedroom, and we talked for about an hour about loads of different things - it was going great!

"Suddenly my mum burst into my room, threw a box of tampons on my lap and walked out again! She must have bought them for me when she was at the supermarket!

"I was mortified, but my boyf just laughed! We sat in silence for ages after that! He told all his friends at school, too, and they posted it on Facebook!

"I can't wait till everyone forgets about it!"

Jess, Cornwall

Cringe Rating: 2

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  1. Megan Ashford
    Megan Ashford06 March at 1:46PM

    How Embarassing but he is a bit harsh going n tellin all his m8s x

  2. chattygirlxxx
    chattygirlxxx05 March at 4:38PM

    Sorry to haer about that but all mum are embarrasing in ways in school dont make a big deal about it just let it flow just get on with your own friends and well if your bf is gonna be telling everyone about silly moments do you really wanna be with someone like that ?


  3. Bananas3614
    Bananas361405 March at 9:01AM

    i would kill my mum to .mums just dont understand!

  4. Starprincess890
    Starprincess89004 March at 11:25PM

    Ooooo! Poor thing i feel for her/you.

  5. XxhelenxX
    XxhelenxX02 March at 7:40PM

    Lol i feel so sorry for you my mum would never do that to me!! if she did i would so kill her for imbarising me!!

  6. Petunie
    Petunie01 March at 10:15PM

    You should have laughed it off :D It's kinda funny and sense of humor is amazing :)

  7. hollywood
    hollywood01 March at 5:13PM

    poor you

  8. eristar305
    eristar30501 March at 12:40PM

    EEEEEK! That would be HORRIBLE!SOOOO Sorry for u!

  9. lisaluvxx
    lisaluvxx27 February at 6:34PM

    OMG the first part wasnt too bad but POSTING IT ON FB?! oh thats just cruel i feel so sorry 4 u x

  10. lilpip
    lilpip27 February at 5:43PM

    Omg that is so mega embarrising! i totaly feel for you!xxxx

  11. Kelziee16
    Kelziee1627 February at 12:15PM

    i see why you are embarassed by this but i would have laughed about it with him, i wouldn't of stopped talking. i think he would of understood but if he didnt i would of just said im a girl i need supplies- i think he wouldn't of minded and people will forget about it because its natural for your mum to do things like that so you cant let it change things because of one thing (sorry if this sounds mean but i dont mean it to be i just joked along with it) :) xxx

  12. 90melz
    90melz26 February at 6:10PM

    omg really?

  13. beth6099
    beth609926 February at 9:42AM

    OMg so cringey

  14. smexieesamiixx!
    smexieesamiixx!25 February at 8:26PM

    mums are the worst for embarrasing people! and i agree with nerrim and sophia :S

  15. sevenfold1999
    sevenfold199924 February at 8:48PM

    OMG i would kill my mum if she did that

  16. XxAnitaxX
    XxAnitaxX22 February at 11:21AM

    I was in the canteen in school for lunch I wasn't really hungry so I just had soup and a roll. BIIG MISTAKE!! My friend knocked the soup all over my jumper! Everyone thought I was after getting sick! worse of all one of the boys was hanging around with my crush took a picturee and posted it all over facebook!!!! They still havent forgot about it!!I never had soup since!

    Embarresd, Northen Ireland

  17. <3 sophie <3
    <3 sophie <321 February at 6:12PM

    lmao!!! i wud diee

  18. RockinRobo
    RockinRobo20 February at 6:35PM

    i was at my friends party and everyone in my year was there and my ex came walking up to me and said do you want to get back together and then some other girl came and said do you want to dance so my ex went and left me standing there so to make him jelous i started dancing with this really cute boy so then he said what are u doing it turned out it was my mates dad

  19. RockinRobo
    RockinRobo20 February at 6:25PM

    one day i got put on my crush's lunch table and they were playing with wrestling cards and i said to be cool have you got ricky haton and then they burst out laughing and said ricky haton was a boxer i felt so ashamed

  20. RockinRobo
    RockinRobo20 February at 6:14PM

    one day i was walking to school and i stud in dog muck but i didnt know so i got to school and my teacher said were doing p.e early (p.e meant krate)but i forgot my p.e kit so i conld not were my trainers so i wore my school shoes and i got partnered up with my crush my crush kept on twitching his nose so then i krate kicked him coz we were asked to so then my crush had a big brown stain on his uniform so to top it of every one calls me poopity poop and his mum made me give her the money for his school clothes