Not So Fun Fair!

"Me and my mates were at a funfair, and decided to go on one of the rides! I took my drink on with me, but as soon as the ride came to a sudden stop, I dropped it and it hit the head of the man below controlling the ride!

Me and my mates were giggling so much, but as we got off the ride, I noticed everyone else laughing too!

I suddenly realised that my dress had got caught on the handlebar and everyone could see my pants - which were dripping wet! I'd laughed so much that I'd peed myself!


Sophie-Holly, Essex

Cringe Rating: 3

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  1. sugarprincess
    sugarprincess01 January at 11:48AM


  2. Bad Angel
    Bad Angel31 December at 3:08PM

    you must have been sooooooooooooooooooooo embaressed

  3. bmwwillo
    bmwwillo18 December at 3:40PM


  4. Starry12
    Starry1217 December at 2:39PM


  5. jazzie
    jazzie15 December at 5:18PM

    lol lol LOL poor u

  6. maisie
    maisie15 December at 1:37PM

    lol xxx

  7. Elliieee_x
    Elliieee_x11 December at 8:57AM

    LOL! embarrassing (:

  8. Elliieee_x
    Elliieee_x11 December at 8:56AM

    LOL! embarrassing (:

  9. fashionchick22
    fashionchick2205 December at 8:57PM

    OMG LOL :-P

  10. brina
    brina05 December at 7:58PM

    ewwwwwwww how gross lol :L

  11. Elly-x
    Elly-x05 December at 11:47AM

    WOW that's embarrassing!! Funny tho... xD

  12. MeggiiLurvesYoo
    MeggiiLurvesYoo04 December at 11:00AM

    Awww x

  13. ApppleNomicks
    ApppleNomicks28 November at 3:53PM

    Cring-ey!!! for sure!!!!!

  14. ApppleNomicks
    ApppleNomicks28 November at 3:47PM


  15. SapphireDarkMoon
    SapphireDarkMoon23 November at 7:51PM

    oops? maybe u shouldn't drink on a ride.

  16. Dolphin dancer
    Dolphin dancer20 November at 5:22PM

    Ha ha

  17. vampirediarysroxs
    vampirediarysroxs19 November at 7:15PM

    omg this is so funny but i wouldent want 2 be in your position !!!!=)))

  18. madibabey29
    madibabey2913 November at 5:42PM

    lol:P feel sosory for yaaa xxx :)

  19. Nic7474
    Nic747412 November at 1:04PM

    what the heck that would be a sticky situation!

  20. FashionPG11
    FashionPG1105 November at 5:45PM

    OMG!! i dont remember ever wetting myself, but im sure ive done it!!