Wow! Glee Make-Up!

We did a jump for joy when the new Glee make-up range landed on our Beauty Ed's desk. We've watched the show (and all the repeats), got the merchandise - and finally, we can get the look!

We reckon it'll make the perfect Christmas prezzie for the Gleek in your life! There are loads of sets to choose from, but this one's our fave…


Glee Diva's Free Your Glee Gift Set, £5.00, Sainsbury's

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  1. BellaBubblesh
    BellaBubblesh09 June at 6:54PM


  2. elzibeaut
    elzibeaut17 August at 6:21PM

    :o o m g need it

  3. cupcake2011
    cupcake201109 August at 10:24AM

    i really want this it my birthday

  4. Nguyen<3
    Nguyen<304 July at 4:52PM

    i really want this, it was my birthday yesterday :(

  5. Super Stylish
    Super Stylish11 June at 7:56PM

    This is totally awesome!!! I'm soooooo getting this!!!

  6. majorgleegirl 77
    majorgleegirl 7714 May at 3:58PM

    OMG I need to buy this! I love Quinn's makeup and Mercedes' style!! :D

  7. koolkat112
    koolkat11207 February at 6:29PM

    WOW! did you know there is glee nail varnish 5.00 at superdrug???

  8. koolkat112
    koolkat11209 January at 7:34PM

    I am a CRAZY gleek, GLEE IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know there is also like, a nail varnish thing??? in superdrug, £5.00|!!!

  9. ellajepson
    ellajepson25 December at 8:19PM

    Cool, i like glee stuff

  10. Morgzee<3sShout
    Morgzee<3sShout11 December at 5:43PM

    Ahhhhhhh I am gettin this!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dropdeadgorgeous1234
    dropdeadgorgeous123402 December at 12:10PM

    @ amy.ferguson what do you mean youve never seen Glee!! It is soooo good and you need to see it right away! xx hope that helps xx :)

  12. little_movster_xxx
    little_movster_xxx30 November at 5:07PM

    Wow! I ♥ glee! I watched the show, all the repeats, got all the dvds, and can't wait for the new season coming out in January! This is going straight to the top of my Christmas List! xx

  13. Fayeee..
    Fayeee..27 November at 5:19PM

    O..M..G!!! I love Glee and this looks mega cool! It's a decent price too!

  14. Nellyrocks360
    Nellyrocks36025 November at 12:43PM

    Alot of my friends love Glee, this could so be the perfect christmas present for them! :D

    Thank you Shout ;) ♥ xx

  15. lydiashout
    lydiashout20 November at 9:04PM


  16. leahcxxx
    leahcxxx20 November at 4:24PM

    that is so cool for a christmas giftxx

  17. crazygeekgal
    crazygeekgal19 November at 6:37PM

    i luv glee, bt wat cld be betta dan finn frm glee??? d makeup kits still cool lolololololololol

  18. chocolatemonkey123
    chocolatemonkey12317 November at 4:35PM

    i heart dis make up pallet

  19. carlaheaney
    carlaheaney15 November at 7:00PM

    it is great

  20. emsbabes
    emsbabes15 November at 6:53PM

    Don't watch glee.... but the make-up is good for presents!!