Try a Trend - Blue Lips

When we spotted the pics of Rihanna sporting blue lipstick recently, we were pleasantly surprised and how pretty it looked. Ok, so it is Rihanna, and she could probably wear a lampshade on her head and look cool, but we were still inspired.


There was nothing else for it but to get one of the Shout team to try it out and see how wearable it really is. So, we handed Louise a Stargazer lipstick in shade 103 (get it here for £3.50)…


Louise says: "I love bright lipstick, but blue was definitely out of my comfort zone! However, Rihanna rocked it so well that I was curious to give it a go at least. The first coat added a tinge of colour which left me looking like I'd been out in the cold for too long, but after building up a few more layers, the colour was a nice shade of blue - whether it suited me or not is another matter… I'll leave you to decide that one, I think! If you fancy trying it yourself, applying foundation to lips first will help give a truer colour. If blue just isn't right for your skintone, try purple instead, which is much easier to wear!"

Will you be giving it a go? Tell us below!

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  1. MiaD12
    MiaD1219 September at 7:30PM

    Wow.... I used to draw pictures of people with purple and blue and green and yellow lips when I was little...

  2. Amy*
    Amy*18 September at 5:14PM

    Firstly, well done for trying out something out of your comfort zone.. It was lovely and it looks amazing on you!