Fabulously Fuller Lashes!

Throw away your eyelash curlers, girls! This amazing mascara from our lovely friends at Rimmel gives you seriously curvy lashes in a flash!


Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Volume & Curve Mascara in Intense Black, £7.82, buy it at semichem

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  1. fizzypop1999
    fizzypop199924 May at 8:38PM

    I won:) xoxox

  2. ThatGirlElyse
    ThatGirlElyse17 January at 10:18PM

    i already have this and it is so amazing on eye lashes :D

  3. im2coolforu
    im2coolforu08 January at 6:37PM

    the red one is really nice,I had it but i broke it and all the black stuff was all over me not nice... :/x

  4. Charlotte123
    Charlotte12324 November at 5:12PM

    I bought this mascara after hearing so many good reviews about it and i must admit it is pretty good, not the best ive ever tried but it is deffo worth the money

  5. glamour babe
    glamour babe19 November at 5:54PM

    does it really give you curvy eyelashes?? x

  6. iiluvzhimxx
    iiluvzhimxx14 November at 5:05PM

    I have this but it isn't really worth the price! :(

  7. Grainnexox
    Grainnexox10 November at 9:38PM

    amy.ferguson it is good!! save up and buy it cause its worth the money!! ;) xxx

  8. Shout-Lovaa-Bubs :)
    Shout-Lovaa-Bubs :)10 November at 9:01PM

    i think i might get it

  9. Lauzza BBES x
    Lauzza BBES x07 November at 7:56PM

    ive already got it

  10. Lauzza BBES x
    Lauzza BBES x07 November at 7:53PM

    ive already got it

  11. roxbabe
    roxbabe07 November at 7:36PM

    I have got 2, this one for £7.82 and another one for £3.50 and honestly the £3.50 one is just as good if not better!

  12. candyfloss123
    candyfloss12307 November at 12:34PM

    i really want a good mascara!!

  13. UrbanPrincess15
    UrbanPrincess1504 November at 8:39PM

    This Mascara is amazing. It is the best mascara I have ever tried. You lashes look really full and long. :D It is perfect buy. Go for it!

  14. rockergirl544
    rockergirl54404 November at 6:43PM

    lol it

  15. rockergirl544
    rockergirl54404 November at 6:43PM

    lol it

  16. koaleysparks
    koaleysparks03 November at 7:27PM

    i prefer the magnifying eyes one

  17. BKE
    BKE03 November at 5:34PM

    it look so...cute



  18. madlilgurl
    madlilgurl03 November at 12:33PM

    I love it my friend loves it as she has it already :] really good mascara xx

  19. ells
    ells29 October at 12:25AM

    ive got tht but the green 1

  20. Charlotte123
    Charlotte12328 October at 7:42PM

    I've never tried this one but i have heard good things said about it. Atm i have the maybelline false lash effect i think.