Zac And Vanessa: It's All Over?

The internet has been buzzing the past few days with reports that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have split up - can it be true? We've been waiting for them to deny it, but we've heard nothing official yet.

Zac-and-Vanessa-mainWe really hope these two can patch things up before it's too late - although we do kinda like the sound of a free and single Zac Efron...

Now, where did we put our fave flirting outfit?

How do you guys feel about the split?

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  1. Liv_Div_Is_Cool
    Liv_Div_Is_Cool18 December at 12:56PM

    deny it u 2 plz u r soooooo cute

  2. Heleeeeeee97
    Heleeeeeee9718 December at 12:01PM

    That can't happen! They r the perfect match!

  3. Rumblebeecheerleader
    Rumblebeecheerleader18 December at 9:24AM

    I hope they dont split up but i like the idea that zac will be single X:)

  4. AbBIexXx
    AbBIexXx17 December at 11:31PM

    :O i was only thinking the other day about how cute they were together and how long they've lasted!!!!

  5. shoutaloud
    shoutaloud17 December at 4:28PM

    they were like the cutest celeb couple!!! i hope they deny it ... SOON!!!! :0

  6. luv4eva
    luv4eva17 December at 4:11PM

    wow no way cant be happening

  7. Crazy4SHOUT
    Crazy4SHOUT17 December at 4:04PM

    This probably isnt true. I heard they were judging the new american x factor. But i have to say i do prefer zac efron to vannessa hudgens!!! sorry! just my opinion...

  8. selina
    selina17 December at 2:30PM

    oh my gosh

    my tears actually drop down when i saw this!

    i can't accept this!!

    i love them so much!!

  9. koolkat112
    koolkat11217 December at 1:41PM


  10. koolkat112
    koolkat11217 December at 1:28PM

    yeah, same!!! omg pleeeeeease don't split up zac and ness!!!!!! :-(

  11. cutiipie
    cutiipie17 December at 8:54AM

    OMG nooo! I think they are the cutest couple :(