Zac And Vanessa: It's All Over?

The internet has been buzzing the past few days with reports that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have split up - can it be true? We've been waiting for them to deny it, but we've heard nothing official yet.

Zac-and-Vanessa-mainWe really hope these two can patch things up before it's too late - although we do kinda like the sound of a free and single Zac Efron...

Now, where did we put our fave flirting outfit?

How do you guys feel about the split?

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  1. Emziex
    Emziex22 December at 12:29PM

    plz dont split up, they are so cute .. xx

  2. Minnie_Mouse12
    Minnie_Mouse1221 December at 6:13PM

    aaawwww.... :(

  3. beth14
    beth1421 December at 2:58PM

    ZAC is free yerr baby !!!

  4. lambylittle
    lambylittle21 December at 2:45PM

    Always thought they'd b the only ones 2 last 4 eva! so sad :(

  5. Windrushdelilah
    Windrushdelilah21 December at 2:24PM

    Oh my...

    Zanessa was always a favourite of mine :-(

  6. hani_98
    hani_9821 December at 12:46PM

    OMG! I don't know why they are breaking up but I hope they get together again they are so good together.

  7. CaritaRitaX
    CaritaRitaX21 December at 10:57AM

    Ha zac im free anytime <3 x

  8. prityhan
    prityhan20 December at 9:14PM

    OMG! Finally they so were not right for each other

  9. xSHOUTx
    xSHOUTx20 December at 6:31PM

    omg it's so sad it's like so amazing how long they've been together an i think that they should patch things up and get back together they rock together

    don't break up !!!

  10. Hann x
    Hann x20 December at 5:41PM

    n'awwwww i hope they get back together - if they have split ;)

  11. mabs_rjb
    mabs_rjb20 December at 12:22PM

    Okay, if they have split up, NONE OF YOU WILL HAVE A SHOT AT ZAC EFRON. Get a grip.

    It will be a shame if they have but you cant force people to stay together forever.

  12. ellajepson
    ellajepson20 December at 10:00AM

    wow i never thought this would happen

  13. summer-lillyxx
    summer-lillyxx19 December at 7:30PM

    awwww.... although they were soooooooo cute together!! ....... don't split up please!!!!!! xxx

  14. Kitty123
    Kitty12319 December at 4:49PM

    well i think there a great couple but it may just be rumors

  15. hazooy
    hazooy19 December at 2:38PM

    i agreewith crazy4shout!

  16. Starryeyed101
    Starryeyed10119 December at 12:59PM

    awww! They are soo sweet together! They seriously need to be a coupld again!

  17. h_bangee.x
    h_bangee.x18 December at 7:37PM

    i dont give a damn :)

  18. zac007
    zac00718 December at 6:28PM

    OMG i love zac efron but i dont want them to split up.Maybe they can get back together just befor x-mas if not i will get zac!!!!!

  19. xhannahx
    xhannahx18 December at 5:19PM

    aww they were so gd together x

  20. yasmin1
    yasmin118 December at 2:03PM

    omg they've been togethe for too long to split up :'(