We Chat To Hollyoaks Laurie Duncan!

How are you doing? Are you still enjoying Hollyoaks?

"It's the best thing ever. I love it. The people here are some of the best people I've ever known, and the nicest and most professional, too."


Who are you closest too in the cast?

"Probably my girlfriend, Lucy [Dixon, who plays Tilly]. I see her every day. It's nice."

What kind of storylines do you have coming up in the next few weeks?

"It's the stuff with Martha and her alcoholism really. It can be quite draining - when you have a full day of scenes where you have to be upset. When we did the meningitis stuff with Ash that was tough because we were literally upset the whole time and you had to stay in this kind of trance, and then you end up going home feeling upset because you've felt that way all day. It does drain you!"

How do you cut loose after that?

"Generally I just tend to play my Playstation! I tend to play Battlefield and just get all my aggression out."

Sixth Form CollegeLaurie with his Hollyoaks castmates - including his girlfriend Lucy! Lucky girl!

Are you anything like your character at all?

"Well, I look like him! [Laughs] Aside from that, I think there are some similarities. We're both nice people - but I think he's a bit more intense than I am."

What's been your favourite story line recently?

"I think George's homeless storyline. That was incredible to shoot and Steven [who plays George] is absolutely amazing, so working opposite him was really cool. We were always on location too - it's always nice to get away from the set!"

You do a lot of scenes with Scarlett Bowman, who plays your on-screen girlfriend Maddie - do you get on well with her?

"Yeah, I think I annoy her a lot though. I'm quite an annoying person! We both get on really well but we can both get on each other's nerves. We'll call it banter." [Laughs]

MaddieScarlett plays Laurie's on-screen girlfriend Maddie.

Do you find the romantic scenes a bit embarrassing to film?

"It's just work now really. You've got to be professional about it and there's no point worrying about it because the crew have seen hundreds of actors do it time after time, so you just get on with it and do the best you can!"

Do you get recognised when you're out and about?

"Yeah, quite a bit. It's absolutely fine, it's not ridiculously intrusive - everyone is always really pleasant. The only time I don't like it is if someone is rude."

Do you ever try to blag anything using your Hollyoaks connections?

"There was one time when my friend and I were doing a short film and I called up Topshop in Oxford Circus and said, 'I'm calling from the Hollyoaks press team and one of our actors needs a suit desperately', and they were like, 'Yeah, OK, come in' - because the shop wasn't open yet. So I came in, got the suit, bought it, and went off!"

How did you get into acting?

"I don't know really, I was never really good at anything else to be honest. I just really enjoyed it and I didn't want to do anything else. I wanted to get into television and film and it's starting to become a reality."

PoliceLaurie's character Calum getting in trouble. Oo-er...

What tips would you have for any readers that want to get into acting?

"Just practise and do as much as you can. If you can, get yourself a cheap little camera then just make anything you can, practise in front of the mirror, and read as many plays as you can. If you haven't got an agent, make sure you get one!"

What was the last thing that made you ROFL?

"Perez Hilton on This Morning. I was watching him and he said something absolutely ridiculous. All of us in the green room couldn't stop laughing!"

When did you last have a bad hair day?

"Every day! I always forget to go and ask to get my hair done at Hollyoaks, so it's always just a bit straggly and a bit messy."

We meet them!We met Laurie and his Hollyoaks castmates last summer. It was lots of fun!

What was the last thing you tweeted?

"Probably something Arsenal-related. I'll just look at my phone. It's probably something about Lucy actually. Oh yes, Lucy forced me to watch One Born Every Minute on TV and I really don't like it!"

Have you ever tweeted something and regretted it?

"Not really. There was something I said about Man United fans once and some people got upset about it, but y'know…"

What was the last thing you bought?

"The new Arsenal away shirt. Yes, there's something that's on my mind a lot…" [laughs]

Catch Laurie in Hollyoaks at 6.30pm every weeknight on Channel 4 - and don't forget the omnibus on Sunday!

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  1. britishbabe7
    britishbabe713 August at 1:25PM

    i love hollyoaks it is my favourite soap ever!! i've been watching it for about 2 years a never mist a episode!!

  2. Azurien
    Azurien02 August at 6:32PM

    He's soo kind! Really kwl too

  3. tanxtan
    tanxtan19 July at 6:33PM

    i love hollyoaks and i watch it everyday well not everyday if i miss it then i wound watch it on Sunday