Embarrassing Moments!

  1. The Boy Next Door!

    The Boy Next Door!

    We hope you can run fast, Leigh!

  2. First Date Fail!

    First Date Fail!

    Nerves get the better of Emma on her first date!

  3. Shop Floor Shame!

    Shop Floor Shame!

    A shopping trip that Layla will never forget...

  4. Desperate Dog!

    Desperate Dog!

    Hannah will think twice about letting her dog off the lead now... #cringe!

More Embarrassing Moments!


  1. Oh My Goth!

    Oh My Goth!

    How can I tell them I’m a Goth?

  2. Holiday Romance

    Holiday Romance

    My holiday romance has left me feeling low…

  3. Hair 'Mare!

    Hair 'Mare!

    I hate my wavy hair!

  4. Boob Blues!

    Boob Blues!

    Help Laura help this reader!

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